Copy & Restoration

Do you have and old photo that is a valuable family heirloom? Is it faded, torn, scratched, or stained? We can take your treasured photographs and bring them back to life with our professional restoration and copy services. We can also remove people, objects, and even replace backgrounds.

We know how valuable your original photos are. Therefore, they will never leave our studio, and if you like, we can scan them while you wait so you don't even have to leave them with us!

Average Restoration - Minimal damage to original - Includes minor tears, scratches, cracks and creases (mainly on the background), and corrects fading.
  1 - 8x10 or 2 - 5x7s $40
  1 - 11x14 Mounted & Lacquer-Sprayed $110
  1 - 16x20 Mounted & Lacquer-Sprayed  $155
Major Restoration - Includes all of the above, plus large stains, tears, and cracks (especially on faces). Also includes removing a person or large object.
  1 - 8x10 or 2 - 5x7s $75
  1 - 11x14 Mounted & Lacquer-Sprayed $145
  1 - 16x20 Mounted & Lacquer-Sprayed  $190
Extreme Restoration - Prices by Estimate
We can determine which category your prints will fall into after examining them.
Additional Prints
  8x10 $15
  5x7 $10
  8 Wallets $15
Copies of your Photographs - If you have treasured photographs that need no restoration, but you would like to have additional prints made, we can do that without the need for the negative.
  8x10 $25 for the first and $15 for each additional
  5x7 $20 for the first and $10 for each additional
  8 Wallets $25 for the first and $15 for each additional
8x10 Composites - This unique idea makes for great gifts or keepsakes. You may combine up to five of your favorite photographs along with a specail message to create your own cherished memento. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and holidays are all great reasons to have one of these composites made.
  Design Fee with One 8x10 Print $90


We require a deposit of half of the order before we can begin the processing. The remaining balance is due when you pick up your completed order. Normal turn around time is 2 weeks. A 48 hour rush is available for a charge of 100% of the total. Copyrighted photographs will not be accepted without a copyright release. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, checks, and yes, even cash.

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