Studio Guarantee

Because we believe in your satisfaction and strive to produce the best portraits and services in southeast Nebraska, we stand behind our work with our rock solid guarantee:

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your proofs, simply return them to the studio within 48 hours and we will make additional poses at no charge to you or we can refund your session fee.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your finished portraits, simply return them to the studio within seven (7) days and we will remake them at no additional charge to you or we can refund the cost of your portraits.

If there is a problem, don't hesitate to call us right away so that we can correct the problem for you. You deserve to have portraits that you'll be proud to display for a lifetime and we want you to be satisfied.

Reasons to have additional poses done:
  1. Bad expression - You've had a really bad day or the fake smile came through once too often. If there are more bad expressions than good ones, let's try again.
  2. Bad hair - Too curly, too straight or just not right. It is better to have additional poses taken that to try to correct a bad hair problem.
  3. Bad weather - We can't control what comes from the sky and if it was too windy or rainy, then it is best to have additional poses done on a day when the skies cooperate.

You don't need additional poses taken if:
  1. Acne or other blemishes show excessively - Our expert retouchers can eliminate any unwanted blemishes from your final pictures.
  2. There is a wrinkle or fold in clothing - This is quite natural for clothing, but if it is objectionable, it can be corrected on the final print.
  3. The proofs seem too light, too dark or off color - Your proof sheets are strictly raw files and have not been corrected for color or density (lightness and darkness). Your finished portraits will be printed for the exact color and density that you expect. We only use proffestional products that are manufactured for proffesional studio equipment and lighting standards.

Remember to let us know right away about any concerns that you might have so we can correct them right away. We want you to be happy with your portraits.

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